Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valentine goodie basket you tube video link

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Valentine Party Favours or School Friends Valentines

This little basket was made with a 6 X 6 inch card stock - scored at 2" and 4" in both direction
forming 9 equal squares.  make 4 cuts from the outside score lines toward the centre
(making 3  -2" slits or flaps on the top edge of 6X6 square and 3 on the bottom edge.
The centre square forms the bottom of the basket.  Decorate the outside 4 flaps with 2" square
patterned paper round edge of 
top outside flaps and adhere the  together.
Decorative circles are 1 3/4"  scalloped punch  (white card-stock), 1 1/2"  circle punch (
brown card-stock)
3/4"  heart pinch (pink card-stock)  The heart design is stamped using red ink inkpad
 and filled in with red Stickles,  it was attached to the circle with a dimensional dot..  
Basket was filled with red straw from the Dollar store and filled with candy treats.
The handle is attached  inside the basket.
It was cut from 6" X 1" card stock and  patterned paper (3/4") wide adhered to  the card stock strip.

This second basket was also formed from a 6 X6" card stock square.
Scored in the same way as pervious square but not cut.
 The outside 4 squares were scored diagonally and pre-formed to fold in easily to form basket shape.
The points of the diagonal folds were punched with a small hole just big enough to insert a paper ring
(dollar store or staples purchase) or threaded with ribbon -  when the ring/ribbon is inserted
 to each of the points it will draw the centre together as in the next top view.
I used extra ribbon to hide the ring and give a little flare.
 I also attached ribbon to the ring to form a handle.
Decorate the inside and outside 4 side flaps with 2X2"  patterned paper.
Adhere embellishments of your choice, fill the basket with treats and
Voila your masterpiece!!

Another idea for heart suckers inserted in this 6"X2" card stock strip.  
I scored the 6" strip at 2 7/8 and  3 1/8 forming a 1/4" bottom (standing) base.
The back was stamped with a valentine Michaels (1.50) stamp and red ink.
The front was decorated using 2" square of patterned paper and the same
White scolloped, brown circle, pink heart (stamped with another Michaels Mini stamp
and filled in with Stickles) the same as above.

Closer Front view

Side view
The front and back were adhered together
with glue dots added to the top corners.

Back view

Try it and send me your creative creation.
Valentine Blessings to you and Yours!

Thank you for dropping by.

Thank you for dropping by.
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