Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Iris Folding instructions, video and photos

After you have created a few designs you will master the art of Iris folding.  It is as easy as folding 1" strips of thin paper, following clockwise (1,2,3) around a basic triangle, square or circle Pattern of fold lines. Here are some photos and instructions to get you started.  
The tree and stocking in this photo was cut using the Cricut cartridge from Close To My Heart 2011.  
The foils used are from wrapping paper cut in 1" by 12" strips,   fold each strip  in half  
to form 1/2" X 12" long.  Wrapping paper works best due to bulk on the back (Folds) of the image.  
The tree design was placed on top of the triangle Iris pattern from the basic shapes found at  www.mykindofliving.com   The stocking was done freehand with no iris pattern.  (Update to mykindofliving web site - it is no longer existent - Please refer to www.circleofcrafters.com/irisfolding)  I just noticed this today while returning to the web site myself.  Thank you for your understanding.
This angel design was found at www.childrenlearningonline.net
click first on Be Creative then on Iris Angel
1. Place a cut out design on top of Iris folds pattern.  

2. Tape one side the card stock to the iris pattern to hold it in place until your project is completed. 
(This also allows you to check the front of your design without misplacement)
3. Using 4 different colours of wrapping paper for the four sides of the square iris pattern 
4.  working from the back of the design starting at number 1 or the shortest outside edge of the design (cut strips of folded paper slightly larger that the pattern and secure to the back of the cardstock using scotch tape
5. Follow the shape as it rotates around the pattern cutting lengths as needed and securing each length with tape.
6. Alternate the four colours working your way in toward the centre Iris to complete  your design.  
This angel and its instructions can be found on the web link at the top of the design.

Videos can also be found on the circle of crafters web site as well as on YouTube.com to help you with its creation.

 These basic patterns plus the oval and other basic shapes can be copied into a Word file or saved as a PDF file and then resized to meet your needs for designs of various sizes.  The downloads are located at www.mykingofloving.com under  Basics 
 The triangle pattern formed the ornament design while  the square Iris pattern formed the stocking.  Both designs were cut from the Close To My Heart cricut  cartridge.  My video and others can be found on youtube.   A copy of my video is embedded is this blog.
This teddy can be changed into a kitten by pointing the ears which are the starting folds 
at the top of the head, the second fold is the bottom right foot then moves up to the top left ear for number three 
then down to the left foot for number four.  Number 5 is found on the tip of the left foot extending that folded piece of paper to the tip of the left paw.  Continue following the numbered folds and the lengths securing each strip of paper in place with scotch tape until you reach the centre IRIS.  The iris can be a single piece of decorative paper, a rhinestone, a word (i.e.  name or title) or even a button.  Let your creativity be your guide.  

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