Thursday, January 15, 2015

6 Sided Gift Box

I used the heavier Foil card stock for the bigger size gift box below.
It was from the Christmas  48 sheet pad purchased at Michaels.
Here is the Make It Now size smaller box  (A ,99 purchase from Cricut Design Space) and a larger
(approx. 4") same pattern gift box made from 12X12 foil card stock.
I really liked this gift box and could not wait to create it.
This card stock pad from SEI did a good job for paper weight for the smaller box, but I found it did not hold its shape as well as the heavier foil card stock I used to make the lager box.
I enlarged the box base to fit a 12X12 Cricut mat .  Design Space was telling me to choose a 12 X 24" mat size to complete the lid and box.  I did not want to use my 12 X 24" mat so, to give me the advantage to cut the lid separate from the base, I changed the colour of the design pieces as below.
The 2 pieces (Lid and Base) measured 22.34 inches.  If you were cutting just the base and using a Cricut Expressions machine, set your dial at 11.25" or 11.50" for the base as shown in the fist (Blue) measurement above.
When the pattern pieces first load they are black in colour and are included within a frame (Grouped) showing the full 22.34"  and therefore will need a 12X24" Cricut mat to cut them.
Because I ungrouped the two pieces I could edit the colour as above using 2 shades of blue.  This prompted the software to ask me to change mats, allowing both pieces to be cut separately using 12 X 12" mats instead of the 12 X 24" mat.  I love how the software is so user friendly.  You Tube and has many tutorials with tips and tricks when designing with your Explore and the Design Space software.

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